Wednesday, August 19

Lo Siento.....

Wow. It has been exactly one week since I've posted! It feels like forever and I missed it so!
So what have I been doing????
Well, I am currently a sophomore at Emory and this year, I'm a sophomore advisor in the freshman dorms! So ever since this past Saturday, I have been doing training, training, any -you guessed it- training. Which is about as much fun as it sounds :(!  But this is not to say I'm not super excited about this positon. SAing is going to be a lot of fun, I'm just ready for the freshmen to get here so I can actually get started doing all this stuff I've spent ten hours a day training for :/.

So all of that being said, many, many, apologies for not being around this past week! Training ends tomorrow (yay!) Which means I'll be back to posting more regularly :) especially after Saturday! So thanks for your patience! 

Oh, and I'm currently working on two blog layouts for my "clients", haha! So when they're done I'll be sure to post about it on CB Backgrounds! If you're looking for your blog to be done, let me know!

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