Monday, June 22

Review Policy

I am open to receiving books for review.  I enjoy young adult as well as "chick-lit" novels,  therefore I am most open to reviewing novels that fit in either of those two genres. However, if you feel the novel would be enjoyable to myself/ my viewers, please feel free to contact me. 
When requesting a review, please provide as detailed of a synopsis as possible. This will help me to decide if the novel would be something I would enjoy/ be interested, before I make my decision to review. 
When requesting a review, please include the following information:

Release Date 
Requested Review Date

Requested Review Date
If the novel is not to be released for several weeks/months, please note if you'd like for the review to be posted closer to the release date.

I am a part of two book blogger tours (1 ARC Tours & Around the World Tours). Please note if you're willing for your novel to be toured to other bloggers on one of the two sites. Also, please note if you are willing for the novel to be placed in any giveaways I may have.

Any books sent to me for review will be placed at the top of my reading pile, and a review will written and ready to be posted soon after. I currently am not willing to review any e-books unless they are in the Kindle format.

For any questions, or to request a review, please contact me at:

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