Wednesday, August 19

Waiting On Wednesday (9)

Leave it to me to come back on a Wednesday! After all, WoWs are my favorite posts! 
This week, we have...

The Vinyl Princess
Yvonne Prinz

The gist:
With a summer job at Bob & Bob Records in Berkeley, California, teen music junkie Allie is ready for anything. She’s poised to fall in love, catch a thief, and make a mix that’ll break your heart. And when she blogs as The Vinyl Princess, Allie is the sort of mystery girl you can’t resist tuning into. Get ready for the vinyl revolution!

My Thoughts:
Though I could only get a small description, I'm still excited about this book. Lately I've been looking for characters that are less "cookie-cutter". I think Allie could be that sort of character. For some reason, looking at this book I think of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Given that I loved both the book and the movie, I'm hoping I can fill the same about The Vinyl Princess. It sounds like the perfect mix: music, love, and blogging. Sounds perfect to me :)

Catch The Vinyl Princess out December 22, 2009!


Sunkissed said...

oooh this looks good :)

Lauren said...

I loved Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, so if this one does turn out to have something similar about it that would be great! Sounds interesting.

a flight of minds said...

Ooh, this one does sound good! I love books with music! And blogging too? Fun. :)

- Alex

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