Friday, July 31

A Chance to Give, A Chance to Get...

While this post is not related to my love of books, it is related to two other loves of mine... shopping and giving :).  I've received a 30% off my entire in-store purchase at any Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic. Amazing, right? To top that, 5% of my purchase goes to the organization of my choice. 
That being said, I chose
In a nutshell, this org works with public school teachers in an effort to supply materials that they are lacking in their classrooms. Teachers can post the projects that they'd like to do in the classroom on the org website, and donors can make donations to help fund the projects. 
Why I chose
For my work study position last year, I worked for an Americorps org called Jumpstart. In a gist, I was working with inner-city preschoolers to help them get a jumpstart on their education which includes working on their reading, team working, and general learning skills.
The teachers I worked with were amazing to say the least. They had a real devotion to the kids. I did however, realize that at times funding from the school could be low, so some  things the teachers did basically came out of pocket. 
That being said, I know that any donation made would be greatly appreciated, so putting my 5% towards this org and specifically this school means a lot to me. 
What this means to you...

If you guys or anyone you know might be in the mood for shopping this weekend, let me know! I'm allowed to send this coupon out to 24 people and 5% of  all of their purchases go to as well! If you're interested, I'll add you to the list, and your coupon will be on the way!

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Sunkissed said...

OMG SHOPPING!! one of my favorite activities

I would love to help a cause!!


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