Friday, July 31

ABC, 123 :)

Meggin at Serendipity Book Reviews has tagged me in this cute get-to-know-you post which covers every letter of the alphabet :)

Here are the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you

Share your ABCs

Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs

Let the three tagged people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website

Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag.

The ABCs of me...

Best Friend? 

I've got three besties (lucky me)  each of whom I've known at least since high school. Plus my fabulous mother and sister :)

Cake or Pie? 

Cheescake.... yum yum. Especially the New York style with the pound cake instead of graham cracker crust.

Drink of choice? 
A tie between Starbucks' hot chocolate w/ foam (during the fall and winter) and Coke Zero (for anytime :) )

Essential item for every day use? 

So many.... Let's see:
My family 
My Macbook
My iPod Touch
A great book

Favorite color? 

Sapphire blue (my birthstone) and basically any pink :)


For some reason, I dn't like to use anything but Google. It's great. Plus they change their banner on holidays :)

Madison, GA

I can't really think of any... Coke Zero maybe?

January or February? 

January. Nothing really exciting in February to me. At least I'm still on Christmas break in Janurary:)

Kids and their names? 

Wow, let's see. If I were to have a girl, maybe Adele. It's classic and not too common. For a boy? I have no clue.

Life is incomplete without...? 

God, family, friends, books, and happiness 

Marriage date? 
Not a clue.

Number of siblings? 

Two. I'm the youngest :)

Oranges or apples? 

Apples! With peanut butter, of course
Phobias and fears? 

Cats. They don't scare me as much as creep me out. Sorry to any cat lovers out there!

Quote for the day? 

"If you only do what you know you can do- you can never do very much"- Tom Krause

Reason to smile? 

I have a great family, great friends, and fabulous plans for the future.


Autumn- the clothes, the color, (Meggin's so right! :)), mine and my immediate family's birthdays. Plus school starts then, which always means new beginnings. 

Tag 3 people?

Let's see... how about...
Allison @ Read Into This!

Alex & Lauren @ A Flight of Minds

Unknown fact about me? 

I have a weird thing about eating cereal. I like eating it dry and in twos. If it's colored, then I do the same thing, but it has to be done by color. It takes me like half an hour to finish :)

Vegatable you hate? 
Almost any bean except for green beans. They're the best.

Worst habit? 


Xrays you've had? 


Your fave food? 

Sweet & sour chicken... fabulous. 

Zodiac sign? 
Virgo. The perfectionist :)

So that would be me in a (not-so-small) nutshell :)


Weronika said...

Ooh, this looks like so much fun!

It was nice to learn about you in a nutshell, a bit small, a bit large. Thanks for sharing this gem!

margo said...

OMG I love cheese cake too!! :) OMG and I love dipping the chicken in the sweet & sour sauce but I always wish it was deep fried and not breaded *right??*

a flight of minds said...

Fun stuff. :) I'm off to do this now then...

- Alex

Collegiate Bookworm said...

It was really Weronika, but some of the questions were tough :)
Your mom's in my prayers!

Margo, cheesecake is so scrumptious :) And you're right, deep fried would be amazing!!!!!

Thanks for joining it Alex, I thought it was really cute!

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