Monday, June 29

Airhead by Meg Cabot

Emerson Watts is not your typical Tribeca Alternative High School student. In fact, she's not exactly the typical high schooler, either. A lover of video games and opposing society's demands to be fall into a stereotypical mold, you could bet that Em wasn't exactly thrilled to chaperone her little sister Frida to the MegaStark grand opening to see a teenybopper singer. Especially so when angry environmentalists had been protesting the store's opening all along. At least Christopher, her best friend, (not boyfriend- no matter what Frida said, or the fact that he and Em spent every waking hour together, or the fact that they both loved video games, or the fact that she loved the way his hair hung over his eyes, or the fact that... anyway. Chris is not her boyfriend), was willing to come along and stand in line for Gabriel Luna (who was surprisingly cute, by the way), Frida's crush, to sign Frida's CD.

Yep. Just a Saturday wasted at a store she despised waiting line for Gabriel's autograph, watching hundreds of other teens watch the plasma TVs above as they played commercials featuring MegaStark's prized spokesperson, Nikki Howard. Everything, while not exactly so exciting for Em, was going fine.
This is around the time things got tricky. See right about now is when Nikki Howard herself showed up. Which, of course being Nikki's number one fan, caused Frida to go into a mini-shock, and set her eyes on getting Nikki's autograph. Which would have been fine if an undercover protester hadn't decided to pull out a paint gun, shoot for the plasma above Nikki & Frida's head, causing Em to run over, push Frida out of the way, only to have the plasma land directly on her. Great.

This is the story of Em's life and how it changed. Forever.

My rating:
Three Stars

Okay. You're probably thinking the synopsis gets pretty vague towards the end. But, I didn't want to give away too much of the book. This book is the first of a series, so giving away too much would give up a lot of the book. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. I finished it pretty quickly, so it kept my attention. I have to admit though, Meg Cabot's books can rub me the wrong way sometimes. I really appreciate how her stories are definitely not run of the mill and really creative. However, this book included, I can sometimes get tired of the characters gushing too much. Sometimes there are a few too many "I can't believe it"s and repetitions. Given that I haven't read a young adult Cabot in a while, I didn't mind it so much. Plus the story's honestly original enough and out there that I don't mind Em's gushing that much given her situation. Definitely read this if you're looking for something different, but still keeps that perfect girl wants guy hook.

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