Tuesday, June 30

Breakfast at Bloomingdales by Kristen Kemp

Cat Zappe has to get out of Kentucky. Her beloved grandmother Nina has died and it is up to Cat to carry out their dream of escaping to New York and starting their own fashion line, Breakfast. Cat has to leave now, not even her "mother heifer" who doesn't understand her or her boyfriend Muddy dumping her due to her dramatic natures.
Cat steps into New York with three necessities: food, shelter, and fashion- and not in that order. With her Holly Golightly in the present style fashions, Cat sets out to win the Bloomingdale fashion contest for high school graduates. So what if she's a few credits shy of her diploma? Minor detail.
Mix in all of her Nina's things being stolen, a clown who she can't help falling for, and an identity change, and Cat sets out for an adventure that will change her life. All in high fashion of course.

Four Stars
This book was fantastic. It had a little bit of a slow start for me, though, so I can only give it four stars. What I loved was that Kemp went all the way until the last few pages of the book to tell you Cat's real name. Cat's narration is hilarious, dramatic, and sophisticated, which I loved. I went through the whole book imagining Cat with this whole Audrey Hepburn air about her, which made her character really different from other characters I've read. After Cat arrived in New York, I officially loved her and wished she would come make clothes for me :). Truly, this book is unique and just really... fulfilling. It was just one of those great "dreams do come true" books, without all the fluffiness. This book is truly a must read.

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