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Band Geeked Out by Josie Bloss

Senior year is here, and trumpet goddess Ellie Snow is facing her toughest decision yet. When she gets accepted to an all-girls college out east (which doesn’t have a marching band), Ellie’s lock-step life and future plans are thrown totally out of sync. Confusion abounds when she visits the beautiful campus and meets Alex, a girl who’s free and fun—and completely unlike anyone she’s ever known.
Will Ellie trade the familiar safety of home and her cute sophomore boyfriend, Connor, for the cool newness of . . . something else?
Given how much I enjoyed Band Geek Love, I was really happy to read Band Geeked Out. Unfortunately the sequel did not live up to my expectations. I think the main reason for so is that despite all Ellie had gone through in the last novel, the changes she made were not for the better. I think one of the main themes in the last novel was learning to listen to yourself and not being so concerned with everyone else thought. However, Ellie is still as concerned with what everyone thinks as before. This time, it's at one of the worst possible times: making a college decision. 
While the writing was great, and I was easily sucked in, my patience with Ellie drew thin. While she was less dramatic, I kept waiting for her to start listening to herself. Even when she was visiting Covington- and actually liking it- she concerned herself with trying to impress Alex. 
I think what really got me was how much Ellie cut herself short because she was so concerned with what others thought. Here she was at a crossroad in her life, and she couldn't admit to herself what she wanted. While she does come to her senses at the end, it was not without the influence of others. While hearing what other people think is important, Ellie let her effect her to an extreme and that really got under my skin.  All in all, Ellie did learn a lesson, but in my opinion not the lesson I had hoped for.
My Ratings:
Plot: B
Easy to get into. Good basis for a storyline- I just didn't like how it played out.
Characters: C
While Ellie was irksome, there is some growth in her supporting characters. 
Cover Art: A
Reminiscent of Band Geek Love. Plus it covers Ellie's eyes, which lets you decide what Ellie looks like.
Shows Ellie's full journey, with no fillers. Perfect length. 
An interesting sequel, I give this novel: 
Three Stars
Band Geeked Out is out now!


Anonymous said...

Great review!!! I love your blog!!! I loved Band Geek Love, too. I still haven't read Band Geeked Out,
though. I might not.. thanks for the review!!! :)

Danielle said...

This series sounds really good, mainly because I'm a major band geek. (I just got back from the band banquet, actually) So I'm going to have to read at least the first book. :)

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