Sunday, May 9

Changes :)

Hi Guys!
As you can see there have been a few changes with the CB blog! Since summer has officially began (as of last Monday :) ) for me,  I can devote a lot more time to being the Collegiate Bookworm I am :). That said, with this new summer, comes new features/changes to the CB blog! Here's what's new/ what's coming:

A New Look 
(What do you think?)

A New Rating System 
There's so many different things that go into the overall rating for a book. The new system will highlight what went into the overall ranking. More details to come.

Design Section

I'm really trying to improve on my Photoshop/ Illustrator skills, so every once in a while, I'll take a quote from a novel I'm reading and  make a wallpaper design based on that quote :)

The Return of the Contest Highlights! 

Much, Much, More!

Get ready for some awesome changes on the CB blog! As always comments/thoughts are always welcome!


Helen's Book Blog said...

Love the new colors and happy design! You are so lucky to already be on summer vacation; we have one more month.

Collegiate Bookworm said...

Thanks Helen!

Ahh, summer is so nice! Just one more month & you'll be free!

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