Tuesday, July 28

Teaser Tuesday

I know I've been M.I.A for a bit, but I'm back with Teaser Tuesday!

Credit goes to Should Be Reading for this fantastic idea! 

1. Grab your current read.
2. Open to a random page.
3. Share two "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page.
4. Do NOT include spoilers.
5. Share the title & author!

The tease this week...

Band Geek Love
by Josie Bloss

"'I swear they've never been like this before,' I told him after we had ordered milk shakes from the waitress. 'I mean, it hasn't always been total rainbows and puppies with them, but it's like they suddenly can't stand me'"

I just started this book, so I have zero clue as to what's going on! Thanks to Allison at Read Into This for the suggestion!


Allison said...

:) I haven't read it... I hope you enjoy!

margo said...

I can't wait to read this book and I early await your review!

Collegiate Bookworm said...

I just finished it! It was great, guys! Review coming soon...

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