Friday, May 6

I'm Back :) & Book Blogger Hop

Hello my fellow bookworms!
I know it's been eons since I've posted, and during that time I've come to the unfortunate realization that I can only keep up CB during the summer. I simply don't have the time during the academic year :/
But, cheer up, it is officially summer for me and I have TONS of books on my to read list, a few blog revamps, and (fingers-crossed) giveaways! So stick with me bookworms, and we'll have a fantastic summer guaranteed :)
Book Blogger Hop

And as for a blogger I'd love to meet, I think I'd choose Lauren from Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf. We read and enjoy a lot of the same books, and I'm sure I could make her bookshelves a little less crammed :)

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