Friday, August 13

Book Blogger Hop (10)

Hello, fellow bookworms! It' Friday, so you know what that means...
Book Blogger Hop
I've joined in on the Book Blogger Hop ( hosted every so graciously by Crazy for Books) again! It's such an awesome way to meet new bloggers! If you're here because of the Hop, be sure to say hi!
This week's question: How many books do you have on your 'to be read' shelf?

That's kind of a difficult question for me, haha. I think I'll take this question both physically and virtually. Physically, I have only 9 books that need to be read. I'm a big friend of the library, so I'm always one to find a book at the library before I make a purchase. I'm a college student so hauling books back to campus every year is troublesome. 
Virtually, however, is a whole other story, if you check out my Goodreads (feel free to 'friend' me by the way), my to read list grows each week. Right now, though I'm at 74. I've done a pretty good job of getting this list down this summer, but with so many good books coming out, I'm sure it will escalate soon!

How about you? Do you have a mountain of books to tackle? Or do you try to keep things short and sweet?

As always, thanks for 'hopping' by! Have a great weekend and happy reading!

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