Thursday, July 1

New Challenge: Summer Beach Reads Challenge!

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Okay, call me a challenge-aholic if you must, but there are so many fun challenges out there in the blogosphere! My latest challenge uptake? 2010 Summer Beach Reads Challenge- hosted by Jessica @ A Fanatics Book Blog, Linna @ 21 Pages, Heather @ A Bibliophile's Paradise, and Raila @ Books Out of the Bookshelves
Here are the deets:
From July 1st (ahem, today) until August 31st, I'll be reading books that I consider "beach reads". Obviously people have different ideal beach reads, but mine are predominately airy, fun, girl meets guy reads, but if I can pick it up and read it for hours non-stop, it's beach worthy! 
The challenge levels are by swim class (Fun fact: I don't know how to swim- float? yes Swim? I wish):
* Tadpole - Read 4 books in this challenge.

* Minnow - Read 8 books in this challenge.
* Dolphin - Read 12 books in this challenge.
* Shark - Read 16+ books in this challenge!

Since I'm starting at the beginning of the challenge, Im going to aim high and shoot for the Dolphin level (I'm secretly crossing my fingers for Shark, though ;) ).  I don't have a definite list yet, so if you have any beach reads you love, I'm up for suggestions! 

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Sri said...

I'm doing this too! I love fluffy beach reads for the summer, I'd recommend AS YOU WISH or SISTERS RED by Jackson Pearce, or THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB by Elizabeth Eulberg, all of which I read recently and absolutely loved! Fabulous blog by the way, I write about books as well, check: :)

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