Thursday, June 3

I'm Joining A Challenge!

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I'm finally doing it. I'm joining a challenge! I don't know, for some readon, joining a challenge was just too... intimidating (crazy, I know). But what better way to combat that than joining a 48 hour challenge? 
So, this weekend, I'll be taking 48 hours and dedicating them to reading, reviewing, and a little networking on the side ;) . Since it's my first challenge, it's totally for fun. No worries about placing/prizes :).
I'll be starting sometime tomorrow afternoon (I'll post when I do ;) ), and end at that same time on Sunday. I'm deliberating on how many hours I should shoot for, but as long as I hit 10 or above- SUCCESS! 
Here's a my to-do list:
Read/review Beastly
Read/review The Juliet Club
Read/Review I Now Pronounce You Someone Else
 Read/Review Psych Major Syndrome
Review The Unwritten Rule
Review Band Geeked Out
Review The Carrie Diaries
Networking with my fellow fabulous bloggers :)

Ahh, wish me luck! I'm somewhat nervous that this list won't last me 10 hours, but that just means another library trip ;)

More tomorrow with my official start time! Make sure to come back to check my progress, and for "live" progress, follow me @Cbkwrm

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Katie said...

Just found you via the hop :) I've been curious about these 48 hours challenges... but just not brave enough to try one yet. I can't wait to hear how it goes for you! Plus... I have been dying to read The Carrie Diaries!!! I will be back to check your review!

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