Monday, June 21

Cram Session Update

There are only three more days in my cram session! That said, it's time to kick it into high gear!Time really flies. Here's an update on what I've accomplished so far:

  • Review books read, including:
    • Tangled
    • The Unwritten Rule
    • I Now Pronounce You Someone Else
Even though I finally reviewed  these books, I have 5 more to go! Eek! 
  • Plan/frame and/or complete Waiting on Wednesday posts for the next 2 months
I've got one month down already. The problem isn't finding the books, it's figuring out when to post them! I hope to get it all organized today!
  • Create calendar for posts, including memes, for at least the next month

Three Weeks done, hopefully I finish today!

  • Network with fellow bloggers

One task that will never be done :)

  • Finalize books I'm willing to trade
I've been avoiding this one like the plague! It's so hard to lose books!! I think I'll make my 'want' list tonight- hopefully to inspire me to make my 'have list
  • Clean up sidebars (I'm considering moving some things to the bottom of the site- just have to figure out how)
  • Create a Review index
By title, author, or review date? Decisions, decisions...
  • Develop new meme (Thursday Thoughts : favorite quote from a book I've read/ been reading in the past week)
  • Complete Bloggiesta challenges I found interesting
  • General blog improvement
Small improvement: I made new stars that flow much better. Hopefully more improvements to come!
  • Find 5 new blogs to love :)
  • Prepare for my first giveaway (get excited)!
Giveaway to be posted on my blogoversary (Wednesday)! Get pumped!

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