Wednesday, June 23

Cram Session Update: Finished

Time's Up! I've finished my Cram Session!
Though I got a lot of stuff done, I still have a lot more to do, which is bittersweet, but inspiring! Here's my final to-do list update. Anything I didn't finish, I hope to finish in the very near future ;) :
  • Review books read, including:
    • Tangled
    • The Unwritten Rule
    • I Now Pronounce You Someone Else
Yay for getting these done! I still have a few more to do, though 
  • Plan/frame and/or complete Waiting on Wednesday posts for the next 2 months
  • Create calendar for posts, including memes, for at least the next month
  • Network with fellow bloggers
One task that will never be done :)
  • Finalize books I'm willing to trade
I've been avoiding this one like the plague! It's so hard to lose books!! I think I'll make my 'want' list tonight- hopefully to inspire me to make my 'have list
  • Clean up sidebars (I'm considering moving some things to the bottom of the site- just have to figure out how)
  • Create a Review index
You can find it here :)
  • Develop new meme (Thursday Thoughts : favorite quote from a book I've read/ been reading in the past week)
  • Complete Bloggiesta challenges I found interesting
  • General blog improvement
Small improvement: I made new stars that flow much better. Hopefully more improvements to come!
Also new header! You like?
  • Find 5 new blogs to love :)
  • Prepare for my first giveaway (get excited)
Giveaway here! Be sure to enter!!

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Katie said...

Whew- You accomplished a lot! Congratulations :) I've been following for a while but I just wanted to Hop by, say hi, and tell you how much I like your header! Is it new? For some reason I was thinking it used to be a little bit different.

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