Monday, May 10

Update on the Rating System

As I mentioned on Sunday, I've decided to do an update to the rating system. I want to be able to provide a more detailed review, and help show more clearly what goes into the overall final rating. That said, the five star rating system will still be in effect. I've just decided to include a breakdown as well as the overall five stars. The sub-categories include:

Determined by: originality, creativity, clarity, ability to captivate (determined by how easy it was to "get into" the story)
Determined by:
 originality, ability to relate to, understandable 
(even if I may not like the characters, this will not automatically give them a bad rap. If the character's motives/ actions are understandable, this may overshadow my disliking of the characters) 
Cover Art: 
Determined by:
 originality, suitability to the plot and characters
Determined by: 
Suitability to the plot: 
Was the story over before the book was? Were too many questions left unanswered at the end?

All sub categories will be given a A, B, C,  or D rating.

A: goes above and beyond expectations
B: Meets expectations with a few highlights
C: Meets expectations
D: Below expectations

More often than not, I'll explain why a novel received a certain rating in my review or underneath that sub category. These sub categories are completely subjective of course, so I feel like an explanation is necessary.

Taking all of the sub categories in mind, I'll then decide the final overall rating.

As always, questions/comments are welcome and appreciated

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