Monday, May 31

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I've joined in on a new meme!  What Are You Reading is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. All book links go to Goodreads :)

Currently Reading:
She's So Dead to Us

She's So Dead to Us by Kieran Scott

Love, love, loving this so far! It has a great storyline, and the main character- Ally- is so likable.
I've been devouring this book lately, so expect a review soon

Last Week's Readings:
The Carrie Diaries

I was hoping to post this review on Sex and the City 2's opening day, but it completely slipped my mind. Expect a review for it this week as well!

What a great new novel from Elizabth Scott! Just finished this one Saturday!

Next Week's Readings:

I'm super excited I got on the tour for this one! It sounds great. 
Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite Disney movie, so when I heard about this book, I had to have it. I requested it from my library and it should be in soon!

That's all from me this week! What are you reading?


Jennifer said...

It looks as though you have a wonderful week ahead. Happy reading. My Monday:

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh wow - all your books have such great covers! Thanks for joining the meme and hope you enjoy your week :)

Samantha said...

Those sound like great books! I'll have to check them out soon. Have a wonderful week!

Tea said...

That title really interests me. "She's So Dead To Us." And I love pearls. So, that one really interests me.

Liz said...

I have a couple collegiate daughters, so I'm sending them the link to this! One of my college daughters got me hooked on a book by L.R. Saul called "Bloodline:Alliance." It's a fantasy novel, but also includes mystery (which I really enjoy, so it really added to my enjoyment of this book). It explores some very deep issues from personal grief, friendship and trust, to prejudices and suffering, injustice and revenge, and the struggle of hate vs. forgiveness. Some great themes and issues there -- so not only is the book really enjoyable, but it will also move you and make you think.

Collegiate Bookworm said...

Thanks everyone for you your comments! Glad you like my picks. This meme is so smart!
@ Sheila: I love the covers too! They're all so creative!
@Tea: I think the So Dead to Us cover is my favorite too: I love pearls.
@ Liz: Bloodline sounds really interesting! I might look for it on my next trip to the library!

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