Thursday, January 14

To Give is to Get?

As a college student, I'm always looking for ways to save a few bucks. Unfortunately my love of books doesn't help the cause too much, haha. This also means that I end up with tons of books that, while I loved, I rarely re-vist though I always promise I will.

So in an effort to save moolah, get new books, and get a little more space, I went in search for a book swapping site. While I found that has a swapping section, I was pretty disheartened to see that most of the books were pretty old (as in classics) or books I'd never even heard of. 
That said, I was wondering... 

do you book swap? 

Would you be willing to join to post your books 
(including the ones you enjoyed :D )?

Would you be interested in starting a YA blogger book swap?

Any comments are welcome


hcmurdoch said...

I gave you an award:

Cindy said...

Hi. I always try to find a few book buddies to swap with. sometimes I have better luck than others. I've also been on goodreads and they don't put up much, than when people do, they never send and time out as well.

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