Sunday, July 19

Favorite Quotes Friday... 2 days later

Just Blinded had a great idea for a new meme tentatively titled Favorite Quotes Friday, sort of like an extended Teaser Tuesday. Here's the gist:
1. Pick up your read for this week
2. Find your favorite quote

Sounds simple and fun! I just saw this post today and I decided to give it a try with J.M Steele's The Market which I'm so close to finishing. I know I won't be able to wait until Teaser Tuesday, or worse, Friday, so I'm giving you a taste of this oh-so-fantastic novel today!

"I wanted to be part of what they had; of always being the six or seventh or whatever number picked for anything (never the first and never the last, which I always thought must have had its own charms); of never being the "-est" girl in anything, and by that I mean never the pretty-est, smart-est, tall-est, fast-est. Every one of us, old or young, smart or dumb, ugly or beautiful, wants to be somebody. It's why people read Us Weekly and think they are reading about friends. It's why in England people follow the trials and tribulations of British royalty. We all have a never-ending thirst to be more "important" than we are. 'I want to be somebody,' I felt like shouting over the hum of hair dryers and electric buzz cutters. I wanted everyone to know me, to remember me, to be on the lips of strangers who told stories about me like they knew me... as if I were their friend."

- pg 87, J.M Steele's The Market 

Why this quote?
This quote just seemed like the big turning point for the main character, Katie.  Plus it's a really great quote in general, in my opinion.

What do you think of the new meme? Is it a keeper?

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Lizzy said...

It's an interesting meme, and an interesting quote (it's totally true about most girls wanting to be somebody).

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