Friday, July 3

Contests, Contests, Contests! #2

Here's some highlights of contests out there in the blog world. Check them out and good luck!

The Story Siren (whose blog inspired me to follow suit and create my own) has an amazing giveaway going on. She's giving away the ENTIRE Elite series (which includes the latest installment, pictured above) by Jennifer Banash AND the complete first season of Gossip Girl! Can you say AMAZING!
While I do know my Gossip Girl, I'll admit I'm behind on this series by Banash, but from what I've been reading about it, it sounds like a great series. If you're caught up and can't wait for Simply Irresistible to hit stores Tuesday, watch the teaser below to (hopefully) tide you over, haha.

Enter now! The contest ends on July 14!

I love catching a new series, don't you? It's always fun to catch the series right at the start- the anticipation for the next installment is at an all time high. Well here's your chance to catch Tom Dolby's new series Secret Society before its release by winning the ARC from Feed Your Imagination. Catch her review for the series here. Hurry! The contest ends July 10!

So, winning one book is great. But, how about winning 12? That's right. Class of 2K9 is giving away some of what they think will be 2009's best YA books. Here's what you could win:

BREATHING by Cheryl Renee Herbsman (signed)
BULL RIDER by Suzanne Morgan Williams
GIVE UP THE GHOST by Megan Crewe (ARC, signed)
ALSO KNOWN AS HARPER by Ann Haywood Leal (ARC)
INITIATION by Susan Fine (signed)
JANE IN BLOOM by Deborah Lytton (signed)
OPERATION REDWOOD by S. Terrell French
SHRINKING VIOLET by Danielle Joseph
THE YEAR THE SWALLOWS CAME EARLY by Kathryn Fitzmaurice (signed)
WATERSMEET by Ellen Jensen Abbott (ARC)
WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS by Fran Cannon Slayton (ARC)

What are you waiting for? Enter now! The contest ends midnight, July 14!


Em said...

Ohh, lots of fun contests! :) Thanks for the heads up.

a flight of minds said...

Thanks for all the links to the contests. :) Oh and welcome to the blogger world. Want to trade blog links?

- Alex

Beth Kephart said...

I am here from the beautiful Miss Em's site to bid you welcome and hello!

Collegiate Bookworm said...

Aww, thanks for the welcome everyone!
And Alex, I've added you to my blog roll :)

Lenore said...

yes, Em directed me here as well! Welcome to blogging!

I have a contest for Mary E. Pearson's latest book THE MILES BETWEEN going on my blog now, if you're interested. The link is the top right of my sidebar.

Meggin said...

Hi, I saw your site on Em's blog... it's awesome! Welcome to the Blogsphere :) Just a heads up, I put you on my blog list on my book blog (I know that's not that big a deal *blushes*), and I'm following too.


P.S. Something weird: That Secret Society book? Yeah, that was at my library! I didn't know it wasn't released though, or I'd be reading it right now :( *Sigh* I wish I could go to the BEA like they did... *gets dreamy expression* *snaps out of it* Oops, sorry this comment it exceedingly long, I tend to babble. :P I just wrote like a WHOLE post, didn't I? ;)

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