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Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty by Jody Gehrman

Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty
by Jody Gehrman

The Gist (courtesy of Amazon):
Geena can’t wait to spend summer vacation at the Triple Shot Betty coffee shop with her best friend, Amber, and her cousin, Hero. But Amber and Hero hate each other on sight, and Geena’s dreams of a girl-bonding summer fly out the window—then vanish entirely when a few cute (okay, drop-dead gorgeous) guys enter the picture. All is not what it seems, though, and in a story of mistaken identities, summer high jinks, and just enough romance, Geena and her friends learn that when Bettys unite, they can take on the most powerful force in their world: a hot guy.

My Rating:

This book is worthy of four out of five stars. 
I'd been waiting to get my hands on this book for a long time, so when it was on sale at Books A Million (one of my favorite bookstores), I jumped on it.
This book is a great summer read. I liked that Geena wasn't the typical smart girl, Amber wasn't the typical bad girl, and Hero wasn't the typical good girl. It left a lot of room for them to develop individually and as friends. 
I'll admit the novel got off to a slow start, but after Gehrman got me used to the characters, it definitely picked up speed. I appreciated how realistic all the characters were and even more so how realistic the oh-so embarrassing moments were as well.

I'm excited to get to the sequel, Triple Shot Bettys in Love (also out now). 


Allison said...

I definitely want to read this one! I LOVE the cover.

Also, I gave you an award, and you can find it here:

-Allison :)

Meggin said...

I'm reading this now- glad you liked it! It does have a slow beginning like you said, glad to here it gets better :)

I gave you an award over on my blog, but Allison already gave it to you... erm, can I just second it? Sorry!


Angie said...

Thanks for the review. It's always refreshing to run across a book whose author doesn't insist on writing characters who are merely stereotypes.

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